Sidsjö-Böle IF

Sidsjö-Böle IF was one of 29 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Lilla VM 2022. They participated with 12 teams in Pojkar 11 (födda 2011), Pojkar 12 (födda 2010), Flickor 8 (födda 2014), Flickor 9 (födda 2013), Flickor 10 (födda 2012) and Flickor 11 (födda 2011) respectively.

In addition to this, Sidsjö-Böle IF have participated in Lilla VM before. During Lilla VM 2021, Sidsjö-Böle had 4 teams playing in Flickor 10 (födda 2011) and Flickor 11 (födda 2010) respectively.

Sidsjö-Böle comes from SUNDSVALL which lies approximately 13 km from Matfors, where Lilla VM takes place. The area around SUNDSVALL does also provide 19 additional clubs participating during Lilla VM 2022 (Among others: Sundsvalls FF, Essviks AIF, Alnö IF, Kovlands IF, Njurunda SK, Heffnersklubbans BK, Kubikenborgs IF, Matfors IF, Stöde IF and Njurunda IK).

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